• Thomas, Alito Say Campus 'Speech Police' Case Worth A Look

    U.S. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito objected Monday to their colleagues' decision to dismiss as moot claims that Virginia Tech's now-defunct protocol for reporting controversial speech violated the First Amendment, arguing the court must decide whether universities can police student speech.

  • 'Rust' Prop Supplier Denies Giving Armorer Live Rounds

    A gun and ammunition prop supplier for "Rust" told a New Mexico state jury Monday that he was not responsible for live rounds that ended up on the set of the Western film, potentially bolstering the state's involuntary manslaughter case against armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.

  • 2_up_texas.png

    Snapshot: Texas High Court Hopefuls Face Off In GOP Primary

    Amid accusations of unethical behavior and an unsuccessful attempt to remove him from the ballot, incumbent Justice John Devine will face off Tuesday against fellow Republican and state appeals court Justice Brian Walker in the only contested primary race for a seat on the Texas Supreme Court.

  • AP23035010839331.jpg

    Murdaugh Prosecutor To Join Capitol Police On March 11

    Johnny James, who was part of the team that successfully prosecuted former South Carolina prominent attorney Alex Murdaugh for murder, will start March 11 as a federal prosecutor in California with the U.S. Capitol Police and a U.S. attorney's office as part of the federal government's efforts to address the increasing number of threats around the country to members of Congress.

  • Colo. Justices Censure Ex-Judge, Order Him To Pay Fees

    A former state court judge has been censured by the Colorado Supreme Court and ordered to pay nearly $5,000 in legal costs to a disciplinary board that recommended he be reprimanded for exploiting his judicial position for the benefit of his brother-in-law after an alleged domestic violence incident.

  • Ban Lifted On Fed Courts' Admin Staff Engaging In Politics

    The administrative arm of the federal judiciary is allowing the majority of its workers to participate in political activity in their free time, responding to a 2022 D.C. Circuit ruling that prior restrictions were unconstitutional.

  • Conn. Trial Attys Slam Proposed Offsets For Jury Awards

    Connecticut lawmakers on Monday considered a bill that could reduce economic damages awarded to personal injury and wrongful death plaintiffs when a collateral payment source, such as an insurer, has a right of subrogation, a measure that trial lawyers panned as an insurance industry perk that would undo precedent.  

  • Prosecutor Ready To Rebut Account Of Wade-Willis Timeline

    A Cobb County, Georgia, prosecutor can attest that the former law partner of special prosecutor Nathan Wade told her that the romance between Wade and Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis began as early as 2019, one of former President Donald Trump's Georgia co-defendants said Monday.

  • North Carolina Grievance Process Fixes Would Empower Attys

    The North Carolina State Bar's grievance process could soon be revamped to include new standing requirements and open-file discovery for the accused under a slate of proposals proffered Monday by a group of lawyers and judges on the State Bar Review Committee.

  • Noel L. Hillman.png

    Gibbons Brings On Retired NJ Federal Judge As ADR Leader

    Gibbons PC has added recently retired U.S. District Judge Noel Hillman from the District Court of New Jersey to take charge of its alternative dispute resolution practice, the Newark, New Jersey-based firm announced.

  • Justices Won't Review Ex-Merrill Lynch Traders' Fraud Case

    The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it will not take up an appeal from two former Merrill Lynch traders who were convicted in Chicago federal court of spoofing the precious metals market.

  • Menendez Loses Bid To Exclude Gold Bars From Bribery Case

    A New York federal judge on Monday refused to exclude explosive evidence — including gold bars, cash and an engagement ring — the federal government unearthed in its second bribery case against U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez and his associates, reasoning that the omissions the embattled New Jersey Democrat targeted in prosecutors' affidavits weren't material.

  • Justices Pass On Hasbro's Atty Fee Fight In Copyright Win

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied Hasbro Inc.'s appeal to review the First Circuit's refusal to award its lawyers nearly $2 million in attorney fees for prevailing in a copyright suit over the Game of Life.

  • Election_2024_Trump_71735.jpg

    Justices Say States Can't Keep Trump Off Ballot

    The U.S. Supreme Court found that states can't bar Donald Trump from running for reelection this year based on a 14th Amendment provision, with justices on Monday reversing a Colorado high court decision that barred Trump from the state's primary election ballot.

  • Andrea Surratt.png

    ​​​​​​​Veteran Federal Prosecutor Joins Crowell & Moring In Denver

    A former federal prosecutor with a history of handling cases in New York and Colorado has moved to Crowell & Moring to build a practice focused on government and internal white collar investigations, the firm announced on Monday.

  • DOJ Defends Broad Enron Law Reading In Capitol Riot Suit

    A federal law that makes it a crime to "corruptly" obstruct an official proceeding was intended as a "catchall offense" and can be used to prosecute participants in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, the federal government told the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Trump Challenges Origins Of Prosecution In Fla. Docs Case

    The special counsel's office prosecuting Donald Trump's criminal case on mishandling classified documents told the Florida federal judge overseeing the case on Friday that his attorneys don't have a viable claim challenging the origins of the prosecution team, arguing that intelligence agencies had no role in determining the charges against the former president.

  • Justices' Trump Immunity Ruling Could Delay Trial Indefinitely

    The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to review former President Donald Trump's claim that he's immune from prosecution for allegedly interfering in the 2020 presidential election could indefinitely delay a trial in the case, attorneys say, by raising additional questions that the courts must answer first.

  • SC Man Cops To Threatening Federal Judge, Courthouse

    A South Carolina man has pled guilty to sending a letter threatening to kill a federal judge and warning that he might blow up a courthouse, the government said Friday.

  • souza.jpg

    A 'Loud Bang,' Then Chaos: 'Rust' Director Recalls Fatal Shot

    The director of "Rust" took the stand Friday during the involuntary manslaughter trial of film armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, describing a chaotic scene inside a New Mexico church in the moments before and after the on-set shooting death of the film's cinematographer.

  • Fla. Judge Resigns Amid Ethics Charges Over Ex Parte Chat

    A Florida state judge has resigned, ending an ethics case triggered by his allegedly biased ex parte comments to a prosecutor following a Zoom hearing in August.

  • AP24061729249752.jpg

    Ga. Judge Will Rule Within 2 Weeks On Bid To DQ Fulton DA

    The Fulton County, Georgia, judge overseeing the election interference case against former President Donald Trump said Friday that, after days of salacious testimony about District Attorney Fani T. Willis' alleged improper relationship, he wants to hear legal arguments about whether the prosecutor should be disqualified.

  • DeSantis Blasts Ousted Florida Atty's Bid To Speed Up Appeal

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed back Friday against an ousted prosecutor's request that the Eleventh Circuit expedite consideration of the governor's petition for a rehearing en banc with respect to a decision reviving the attorney's lawsuit against DeSantis, saying the case has "sweeping implications" for the state.

  • DC Circ. Strikes Down Sentencing Add-On For Jan. 6 Rioter

    A former U.S. Air Force officer who participated in the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, has had his two-year prison sentence vacated, the D.C. Circuit ruled Friday, finding in a precedential ruling that rioters involved should not face an "administration of justice" enhancement because the process they disrupted was legislative, not judicial.

  • iStock-1475124211-attorney-fees.jpg

    Trustee's Office Goes After More Jackson Walker Fees In Texas

    As fallout over the Judge David R. Jones case continues, the U.S. Trustee's Office has filed a flurry of new motions in multiple bankruptcy cases, seeking to claw back fees paid to Jackson Walker LLP and, in at least one case, to reopen proceedings. 

Expert Analysis

  • How Generative AI's Growing Memory Affects Lawyers Author Photo

    A new ChatGPT feature that can remember user information across different conversations has broad implications for attorneys, whose most pressing questions for the AI tool are usually based on specific, and large, datasets, says legal tech adviser Eric Wall.

  • A Model For Optimal Legal Tech Investment Strategy Author Photo

    Legal organizations struggling to work out the right technology investment strategy may benefit from using a matrix for legal department efficiency that is based on an understanding of where workloads belong, according to the basic functions and priorities of a corporate legal team, says Sylvain Magdinier at Integreon.

  • Series

    My Nonpracticing Law Job: Recruiter Author Photo

    Self-proclaimed "Lawyer Doula" Danielle Thompson at Major Lindsey shares how she went from Columbia Law School graduate and BigLaw employment associate to a career in legal recruiting — and discovered a passion for advocacy along the way.

  • Series

    Ask A Mentor: How Do I Balance Social Activism With My Job? Author Photo

    Corporate attorneys pursuing social justice causes outside of work should consider eight guidelines for finding equilibrium between their beliefs and their professional duties and reputation, say Diedrick Graham, Debra Friedman and Simeon Brier at Cozen O'Connor.

  • Personality Tests And Machine Learning Applications In Law Author Photo

    Mateusz Kulesza at McDonnell Boehnen looks at potential applications of personality testing based on machine learning techniques for law firms, and the implications this shift could have for lawyers, firms and judges, including how it could make the work of judges and other legal decision-makers much more difficult.

  • AI Is Reshaping Lawyering: What To Expect In 2024 Author Photo

    The future of lawyering is not about the wholesale replacement of attorneys by artificial intelligence, but as AI handles more of the routine legal work, the role of lawyers will evolve to be more strategic, requiring the development of competencies beyond traditional legal skills, says Colin Levy at Malbek.

  • Embrace Active Voice In Legal Writing — In Most Cases Author Photo

    Legal writers should strive to craft sentences in the active voice to promote brevity and avoid ambiguities that can spark litigation, but writing in the passive voice is sometimes appropriate — when it's a moral choice and not a grammatical failure, says Diana Simon at the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law.

  • Series

    Ask A Mentor: How Can I Help Associates Turn Down Work? Author Photo

    Marina Portnova at Lowenstein Sandler discusses what partners can do to aid their associates in setting work-life boundaries, especially around after-hours assignment availability.

  • How AI Legal Research Tools Are Shifting Law Firm Processes Author Photo

    Although artificial intelligence-powered legal research is ushering in a new era of legal practice that augments human expertise with data-driven insights, it is not without challenges involving privacy, ethics and more, so legal professionals should take steps to ensure AI becomes a reliable partner rather than a source of disruption, says Marly Broudie at SocialEyes Communications.

  • Data Source Proliferation Is A Growing E-Discovery Challenge Author Photo

    With the increased usage of collaboration apps and generative artificial intelligence solutions, it's not only important for e-discovery teams to be able to account for hundreds of existing data types today, but they should also be able to add support for new data types quickly — even on the fly if needed, says Oliver Silva at Casepoint.

  • Bracing For A Generative AI Revolution In Law Author Photo

    With many legal professionals starting to explore practical uses of generative artificial intelligence in areas such as research, discovery and legal document development, the fundamental principle of human oversight cannot be underscored enough for it to be successful, say Ty Dedmon at Bradley Arant and Paige Hunt at Lighthouse.

  • Why I Use ChatGPT To Tell Me Things I Already Know Author Photo

    The legal profession is among the most hesitant to adopt ChatGPT because of its proclivity to provide false information as if it were true, but in a wide variety of situations, lawyers can still be aided by information that is only in the right ballpark, says Robert Plotkin at Blueshift IP.

  • Series

    Ask A Mentor: How Can I Use Social Media Responsibly? Author Photo

    Leah Kelman at Herrick Feinstein discusses the importance of reasoned judgment and thoughtful process when it comes to newly admitted attorneys' social media use.

  • Yada, Yada, Yada: The Magic Of 3 In Legal Writing Author Photo

    Attorneys should take a cue from U.S. Supreme Court justices and boil their arguments down to three points in their legal briefs and oral advocacy, as the number three is significant in the way we process information, says Diana Simon at University of Arizona.

  • How Firms Can Stop Playing Whack-A-Mole With Data Security Author Photo

    In order to achieve a robust client data protection posture, law firms should focus on adopting a risk-based approach to security, which can be done by assessing gaps, using that data to gain leadership buy-in for the needed changes, and adopting a dynamic and layered approach, says John Smith at Conversant Group.



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